LEXCRU Water Tech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most recognized and trusted brands globally for the manufacture, distribution, supply and trading of Reverse Osmosis (RO) components such as Domestic RO Booster Pumps, RO Inline Filters, RO Membrane, RO Housing, RO Spun Filter, RO Wound Filter, RO GAC/CTO Filter, RO UV Barrel, RO Tubing, RO Accessories & Industrial RO Plants 50 LPH to 5000 LPH. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Since its inception in 2006, LEXCRU has grown from a small domestic company to a huge giant in the global water industry, proving to be a mighty competitor to the import markets. With a growing market monopoly in RO component production, LEXCRU was among the first Indian companies to adopt the principle of 'Make in India', giving an impetus to the domestic water purification industry.

As global sources of water supply reach their worst levels of contamination, LEXCRU forges ahead in the field of water purification technology to deliver completely safe and healthy drinking water. Designed for residential and light commercial use, LEXCRU offers consumers across the world a dynamic and comprehensive range of RO components to suit all water conditions and income groups.

LEXCRU initially began as importers of water pumps from China, Taiwan and Korea. However, as demand substantially grew in India and other countries, the company branched out into the production of RO system components in 2011. They began with a domestic production capacity of 10,000 RO booster pumps and rapidly grew from there.

Today LEXCRU's product range includes a complete collection of water purification components such as RO Systems, Bracket, Filter Wounds, Housing, Membrane and Pump among others. Manufactured domestically from top grade materials, these products are precision engineered to enhance water purification.

The company's dominant position in the global OEM market today can be attributed to its competitive industry prices and constant technological innovation. One of its most popular products, the RO booster pump, is known for its 'silent pump', limited power consumption and longer lifespan. Designed completely in-house, the RO booster pump has on average a lifespan of more than two years, making it more sustainable than other models in the market.

One of the most successful companies in the field of RO component manufacturing, LEXCRU has two major production factories, one in Ahmedabad, India and another in Dongyang, China. Both of these production units have been strategically automated and semi-automated for precision and good end-results. LEXCRU's Chinese unit was launched in 2015 with the production of RO membranes, another bestselling component, where on average, the company produces over 1,50,000 membranes per month.

Guided by their vision to provide safe potable water to all, LEXCRU ensures that their products are available at competitive industry prices. To sustain its premium goods and services, the company employs a strong, diversified team of over 1000 people globally.

With a production capacity of over 1,00,000 pieces per month, expansion capacity of over 1,50,000 pieces and a rejection ratio of< 0.1%, LEXCRU is a highly optimized and efficient operation.

Recognized for its premium products, the company has quickly been making a name for itself on the global stage. Its superior range of water purification components have been thoroughly vetted and certified by independent laboratories globally. LEXCRU is one of the few Indian companies to have its products approved by the CE, ROHS and FDA.

LEXCRU's flagship product - the RO Booster Pump - was recently awarded the 'Best Water Pump (Domestic)' award for the second-time running by the Water Digest Awards in association with UNESCO and ASSOCHAM in 2016-17. The company also received the 'Best Water Membrane Manufacturer' award at the same event.

In its short journey, the company has built a unique customer base of dealers and OEM manufacturers making it a globally recognized brand with strong dealer networks across the world. Some of its prominent clients include Hindustan Unilever, Pureit, Luminous and Livpure among others.

In a nutshell, it can be said that LEXCRU Water TechPvt. Ltd. has become a global force to reckon with in the OEM water purification industry.